How Cyber Vision Changed the Life of Allen Weinstein

Cyber vision is a technique often used by athletes to improve their game performance. Basically it is the use of imagery to perfect a mental image in your mind so that your brain can mimic any athletic movement to your own physical capabilities.

Allen WeinsteinBased on the title of this blog post, you might be wondering who Allen Weinstein is. He is not an athlete, but he used this powerful imagery technique to completely change his life for the better. You see Allen Weinstein is an 80 year old man who has dealt with learning disabilities and dyslexia all his life. Back in the 1950s when Allen was in high school, dyslexia was something that was unknown to the world. Allen knew that he always had problems with the way he learned in school, but did not know why and neither did his teachers. In fact, Allen Weinstein could not even read until he was 13 years old and was often referred to as “stupid” by the educational system at the time.

In his book, ‘Memoirs of a Learning Disabled Dyslexic Multi-Millionaire‘ he has a chapter titled “Imagery” where he goes into full detail of how mental images are one of the most powerful things that we can use to accomplish what we want. We won’t go into full details here because you should actually read his book, but in a nutshell, mental imagery is what took Allen Weinstein from being the kid who was voted the least likely to succeed to becoming a self-made multi-millionaire!

Below is a video from Allen Weinstein where he talks about the power of positive thoughts and how they yield positive results.

Many of you can probably relate to what Allen said (in the video above) about how we are constantly fed negativity. The key here is to not let those thoughts feed our mind. The negative should go in one ear and out the other.

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A New DJ Technological Treat Was Introduced at NAMM 2016

So this is something that we know all our DJ friends are simply going to drool over. DJ equipment has been evolving in leaps in bounds this past decade and although we are definitely fans of the good ol’ turntable and spinning vinyl records when mixing at a party, we definitely have to give props to some of these amazing new tools that have changed the DJ world as we know it.

This year at NAMM 2016, Smithson Martin revealed their KS32 Midi Control Surface. This is something that you just have to see it to believe it so we’ll let you watch the video below and let your jaws drop to the floor!

As you heard in the video, I’m sure all our Mac users are excited that this controller is Mac compatible. Woohoo! Now you can virtually play off of any existing hardware with their use of templates. Pretty impressive, no?

So to help put things in perspective of how things have changed, DJ’s went from having to carry vinyl and extremely bulky and heavy DJ equipment to all their gigs, to CDs and less bulky equipment, to now just have all their awesome house music on harddrives and being able to carry equipment that can very easily fit in the backseat of your car!

Search Engine Optimization Techniques For Ranking Fast

If you have multiple websites that you are trying to rank on the Internet for a wide variety of keywords, there are a couple techniques that you can use that are very basic that can help you, regardless of your chosen niche. The strategies that you must implement may take a little bit of time, usually several weeks or a couple months, but the results will be consistent almost every time. The key is to use strategies that cannot be impeded by changes in the Google algorithms, or changes that other search engines tend to make. In this article, we will show you the best search engine optimization strategies that you can use to quickly achieve page 1 positions, and in some cases, the top position for your chosen keywords.

How Search Engine Optimization Works

There are two components of SEO that are well known to those that do this for a living, and usually known by individuals that are trying to do this on their own. It comes down to understanding that what you have on your website needs to be valuable in the eyes of the search engine spiders that will spider your page, determining it’s worth, and also the perception of your website based upon the number of links that you will have. These are called on-site and off-site optimization techniques, ones that are designed to help you achieve top rankings as quickly as possible. Let’s first look at on-site techniques, followed by off-site strategies, and then show how both of these can work together.

On-Site Optimization Strategies

Creating blog post on laptopThere are a few components for this particular type of strategy that must be implemented, some of which must be done at the same time. First of all, you must have unique content, or primarily unique content, something that can be achieved very quickly. It is good to reference other people’s work in your blog posts, and also link out to information within your content as well. The higher the authority site that you are linking to, the more that this will help you in your overall rankings, and you should also add images, embedded videos, and links to other posts and pages that are related together.

Off-Site Optimization Techniques

To optimize your website properly, you will need to have links pointing back to your website, and all of your pages, from different locations across the web. You should have links from social media sites, blogs that are related to your content, and links from videos in the description if possible. The combination of all of these strategies will help you boost your rankings very quickly, as long as you are getting legitimate links, not ones that are made by some type of robot or service. Now let’s look at how you combine off-site and on-site optimization strategies, and how to implement these to get success.

You will then want to schedule times during the day that you will post your information, and also get links pointing back to each post and page that you make. By doing this in a methodical manner, and not going overboard with the backlinks that you create, you will start to see a gradual movement of your website ranking. These are the techniques that internet marketing professionals use, and that anyone can use as long as they have the time to implement them. This will help you get the top of the search engine rankings as quickly as possible by simply complying with what the algorithms are looking for, and providing it on a consistent basis.

Amazon’s Delivery Drone is Revealed

I first heard about the concept of Amazon using drones as part of their shipping methods about 2 years ago and I was definitely amazed by the idea. I think in theory the use of drones has many benefits in the shipping and delivery world, but along with the conveniences I’m sure there are many obstacles and nuances that will have to be perfected before this concept takes flight (pun intended).

The very obvious benefit is speed of delivery. I think the internet has made many of us very impatient people and being able to receive an order within hours of placing it instead of days seems pretty enticing.

On a negative note, how about security issues? I’m sure there will be a whole new generation of thieves that will be following these little flying objects to try and get the goodies they are carrying. Or even just kids being idiots and using these drones as target practice with their bb guns. Hmm… I can think of about a dozen other things that truly makes me wonder if using drones for shipping and delivery of orders actually is a good idea.

But anyway, I’m sure you’re very interested in seeing the actual drone that Amazon recently revealed so here’s the video featuring the host of Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson.


Artiphon – Awesome New Gadget For the Musically Inclined

At one point or another in our lives, don’t we all wish we could be rock stars? I know I did, and sometimes I still do, lol. I found this new gadget that is being funded on Kickstarter and I think it is the perfect marriage for my love of technology and my rock star dreams.

It is called the Artiphon and it is a device that allows you to play it as a piano, guitar, drums, and even bowed instruments like a violin. It seems like the perfect way to have a room full of instruments without needing any of the actual space. But enough talking about it – how about you see it in action!

So was I right? Is this not one of the coolest things ever? Being that I’ve never received a single musical instrument lesson in my life, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to write a hit song, but I sure would have a blast trying to 🙂